"You don't think about where you are going to lay your head at night when you have a baby in the NICU. You aren't thinking of yourself - but, you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your baby. That's why the Ronald McDonald House is so important."

Stacy, Mother

"The help that the House gives to families in need, as well as our family, is an inspiration to us all and has already taught my six-year-old, Rena, how important it is to give open heartedly to those in need."

The Williams Family

"Staying at the Ronald McDonald House allowed me to be at the hospital at a moment's notice during Mason's stay in the NICU. I honestly share my story with tears of joy; the Ronald McDonald House has allowed us to be a family."

The Lung Family

"During my stay at the House there were days when I was sick and wanted to be alone, but then there were days where we had a great time all piled up in the living room."

Judith, Cancer Patient

"My favorite thing about volunteering is the opportunity to listen to the families' stories. This seems to provide great comfort to them and their courage is inspiring to me."

Lilie, Volunteer

"It was a blessing staying at the Ronald McDonald House and being able to be near my son incase anything ever happen.

Hope, Mother

"Everyone at the Ronald McDonald House is in good spirits and are very welcoming. All of the families are thankful which makes my internship so meaningful."

Lilly, Intern

Board of Directors

  • Dennis Malatek, President
  • Carla Roberts, M.D., Secretary
  • D. Perry Breazeale, Jr., Treasurer
  • Suzy Shealy, Honorary
  • Deborah Barbier, Esq.
  • Emilie Ziegler Bartlett, M.D.
  • Rebecca Best
  • Terry Bishop
  • Paul Bouknight, Honorary
  • David Campbell
  • Benny Clark
  • Rick Crook
  • Christy Davis
  • Maggie Fox
  • Jimmy Harrington
  • Trey Hinson
  • Steven Johnson
  • Joseph Jur
  • Heather Lozynski
  • Catie Martin
  • Carter McEntire
  • Matt Pollard
  • George Sensor
  • Catherine Sharpe, Honorary
  • Henry Simons
  • Sally Singerling
  • Elizabeth Shealy Nazionale
  • Brad Valdes
  • Ann Forrest Watkins
  • Stephanie Worth

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