"The compassion that the Ronald McDonald House has shown us was unbelievable. They opened their arms to us like we were family. A lot of people think blood is what makes you family, they have it wrong. Love is what makes you family."

Latorria, Mother

"I thank the Ronald McDonald House staff for all of their help in this tough time my family and I are facing."

Andre, Father

"I love this House because it is a nice place. God bless those good hearts. Estoy contento y feliz por resivir el apollo de esta casa."

Blas, Father

"I love the Ronald McDonald House because of the family I have made while being here and actually having people who know what I'm going through."

Alli, Mother

"My favorite thing about volunteering is the opportunity to listen to the families' stories. This seems to provide great comfort to them and their courage is inspiring to me."

Lilie, Volunteer

"There is comfort in knowing that we have a family here at the Ronald McDonald House who loves, cares, and shows empathy for our family."

Crystal, Mother

"Everyone at the Ronald McDonald House is in good spirits and are very welcoming. All of the families are thankful which makes my internship so meaningful."

Lilly, Intern

"The house made us feel as if we were not alone"

Shelley, Mother


To prevent exposure and the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have decided to suspend all volunteer opportunities and visitors to the House temporarily.

Download our Socially Distant Acts of Services. This includes different ways to volunteer for RMHC from a safe distance. Some of the ways to help during these difficult times are the following:
- Donate Wish List items
- Collect Pop Tabs
- Follow us on social media @RMHCColumbiaSC, and share our posts to help spread awareness of our programs and current needs

Socially Distant Acts of Service Socially Distant Acts of Service

Ronald McDonald House volunteers are essential to ensuring families experience the highest level of care and comfort during their stay. Duties may include organizing the pantry, preparing/cleaning rooms for incoming guest families, completing household tasks, baking cookies, replenishing supplies or other tasks that are crucial to the daily operations of the House. This is perfect for groups seeking a service opportunity or for anyone who wants to let their outgoing personality shine! Those who have a positive outlook, friendly disposition, and the ability to easily adapt to a changing environment thrive in this position!

If you are a group representative, please contact us to discuss group volunteer guidelines, activity ideas, and availability.

If you are an individual or student seeking community service, we ask that you commit to at least 50 hours of service. Please call 803-254-3181 or email [email protected] to discuss availability and orientations.

Ronald McDonald Family Room located inside Prisma Health Children's Hospital is 100 percent staffed by volunteers. The Ronald McDonald Family Room allows us to provide special programs and services to families and patients of Prisma Health Children's Hospital. Many of these families are not staying at the Ronald McDonald House, but are faced with lengthy and/or frequent hospital visits, uncertain medical conditions and rigorous medical procedures. Providing a free meal to these families every now and then or inviting them to a theme party or a craft session for kids and adults that can make a stressful experience a little bit better.

Without volunteers, the Family Room could not operate. Duties may include making coffee, cleaning and keeping the Family Room neat and tidy, helping to execute special programs and sometimes, simply offering a listening ear. If you are passionate about making others feel welcome and taking care of them during their time of need, this is the position for you!

Individual volunteer shifts at the Family Room are 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., or 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m on Saturday. All volunteer shifts are in three-hour increments, and volunteers must be able to commit to three to six months of service. Please complete the RMH Volunteer Application above, then complete the Prisma Health Adult Volunteer application process. Please call 803-254-3181 or email [email protected] with any questions.

If you are a group representative interested in helping at the Ronald McDonald Family Room, please contact us to discuss group volunteer guidelines, activity ideas, and availability.

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